`They Served Their Master Well’

By: Monsignor Michael Stewart

Over the last days, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingstown, has experienced the departure from this life of three stalwarts, champions of the faith. In train, and gone to glory, are Claude Sandy, originally from Canouan and who resided at Glen, Sr Augustine Quarless, SJC, of Trinidad and Tobago, and Rev Deacon Patrick Da Silva, of Barrouallie. Claude Sandy died on August 27th, Sr Augustine, on September 2nd, and Deacon Patrick, on September 3rd surely, an awesome group.

Reflecting on the news of Claude’s passing, left me with the thought: ‘he served his Master well.’ and truly, can be said of the threesome. ‘They served their Master well’. They all loved the Lord and the service of God’s people. Claude spent many years in the evangelistion Ministry of Catholic Charismatic Renewal in London before he returned to SVG. His wife Dorothy can attest to this. He was a Catholic Evangelist and Missionary.

Sr Augustine Quarless, SJC, was a religious, Sister of Cluny. She spent most of her earlier life in Sierra Leone and The Gambia, West Africa, before giving the rest of her life to the Christian formation of believers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines where she was beloved by all. An excellent teacher: many looked forward to hearing her voice on the Catholic Forum on Mondays and Thursdays.

Deacon Patrick Da Silva, Mr. D, gave his all to the Lord for the service of the Lord and His people from the earlier days at Vinlec Hydro Power Station in Richmond to the moment of his diagnosed illness. Importantly, he was supported by his wife and children. As one of the original members of the Cursillo Movement, he was instrumental in bringing many persons (men and women) to Christ.

Claude Sandy, Sr Augustine Quarless, SJC, and Deacon Patrick Da Silva will be remembered for a long time. May they live in glory with God and all the heavenlies, forever and ever. Amen

Cf. Matthews 25:23… Well done good and faithful servant.