Youth Commission


To ensure children, youth and young adults are thoroughly initiated in Catholic faith to the extent where they participate in ministry and ongoing formation and remain in the church.


GOALS: Adapted from the SYNOD Resolutions of 2015

  • To develop and implement comprehensive, sustainable programmes to meet the needs of children, youth and young adults

  • To include young adults, where eligible, in leadership at all levels of the Diocese and parishes, allowing them to actively serve and have a vote in making decisions

OBJECTIVES: Up to October 2019 (NB: these are re-evaluated every 3 months)

  • Recruit 2 young adult/ adult volunteers to serve on the DYC – (SR 2)

  • Conduct monthly meetings – (SR 2)

  • Assemble in each parish a working team of no less than 3 persons to serve in YM –  (SR 2)

  • Provide training and practical support for youth leaders within the Diocese – (SR 2)

  • Introduce in every parish 1 sustainable programme in a needy area in YM – (SR 1)

  • Execute all activities on our DYC Calendar for the period up to March 2019 – (SR 1)


The Commission provides parishes and diocese with access to expertise and is responsible for:

  • Working with the other Commissions to develop programmes that would encourage children, youth and young adults to get involved in the life of the church at all levels.

  • Creating programmes to develop the next generation of church leaders.

  • Creating a forum for children, youth and young adults to discuss current issues they face and to learn how to cope with or challenge issues in a non-violent manner.

  • Evaluating ways in which we can retain our youth in the diocese.






Fr. Alando Williams

Spiritual Director

Diocesan Supervisor


Shanda Boyea


specific responsibility for Young Adults Ministry


Kirt Morris

Team Member

Specific responsibility for Children’s Ministry


Volunteers are needed!

YOU are needed

Team Member

Specific responsibility for

Youth Ministry



Volunteers are needed!

YOU are needed

Team Member

Specific responsibility for

Social media, communications and reporting


Yohance Gibson

Team Member

Specific responsibilities for evaluation and follow up



Understandably, to best serve the needs of the diocese, the DYC team would need to rely heavily on the support, prayers, encouragement and active participation of:


  • All priests and clergy: as leaders within the individual parishes their role is a very critical one. For the DYC to be effective we would depend most on the commitment of our clergy to our plans, as well as to give positive support and critical feedback to us and their respective Parish Youth Teams.

  • All Parish Youth Coordinators: as leaders ‘on the ground’ in the various parishes, it is important that we have a cohesive relationship with each other. They would be relied upon to organize, encourage and galvanise the support of the youth for the various activities.

  • Parishioners with varying experiences and levels of expertise as it relates to budgeting, project planning.

  • The active participation of youth of all ages. At the end of the day, it is all about them and serving their needs.

Growing WITHIN the DYC

Growth, whether personal or at the level of serving in ministry means building on what is already there.  It is easy to become caught up with or overwhelmed by executing programmes and looking after the needs of others at the expense of our own growth, thereby increasing the risk of becoming stagnant, both spiritually and within our everyday lives.

Therefore, as part of our goals, it is important that we are exposed to and are provided with opportunities to grow in all areas of our lives.  We hope that by serving as part of our team, we can;


  • Attend retreats and workshops that can nourish us spiritually.

  • Participate in forums, assemblies, training programmes and other such similar activities that can enhance our leadership skills.

  • Engage in courses, programmes and training that would hone our skills, hobbies and interests which can better equip us to serve our diocese.