Serious Allegations Involving A Priest

To: The Faithful in the Diocese of Kingstown

October 20, 2023

Subject: Serious Allegations involving a Priest

On October 19, 2023, the Diocese learnt of a serious allegation that was made against a priest in active Ministry in our Diocese. A meeting was immediately convened with the priest against whom the accusation was made, and the decision was taken for him to step away from Ministry until the matter is fully investigated and resolved.

The Diocese will cooperate fully with law enforcement officials to get to the bottom of these accusations so that justice can be achieved for all parties involved. Additionally, the Diocese will continue to sensitize the clergy, religious and laity about appropriate ways to interact with people while serving others through their various ministries.

In the meantime, we will continue to offer our prayers for those who are involved in this matter, that God, who is our comfort in times of need, will strengthen us for the journey ahead.

Yours in Christ

+Gerard County
Bishop of the Diocese of Kingstown