St. John’s Parish Mother’s Day Celebrations

St. Theresa’s, Gomea

The day commenced with Holy Mass at 7.30 a.m. with chief celebrant Monsignor Michael Stewart, assisted by Deacon Errol Belgraves. The church was extravagantly decorated for the occasion.

During Holy Mass gift baskets with a plant of thyme was presented to all mothers by Monsignor Mike, assisted by Deacon Errol. Monsignor Mike and his brother Joel rendered a duet dedicated to all mothers, a song composed by a relative. Breakfast was served to all in attendance. Members of the church visited two sick mothers Mary Wood and Norma Carmichael at their homes and gave them cards and a basket of vegetables. Photos of all parishioners and mothers were taken and shared. The celebration was a momentous one for all. The activities were coordinated by Lynette Thomas and her team. We thank them for their dedication and kindness.

St. John’s, Mespo

Meanwhile, at St John’s Mesopotamia, another exquisite ceremony took place from 10.00 a.m. The morning began with individual photo shoot for all mothers in the yard with a beautifully prepared background. Following the announcements during Holy Mass, all mothers received corsages, gift bags and group photos were taken. It was Youth Sunday and the young people participated in the Mass and entertained the gathering with a duet on pan by Kysha and Rhea Da Silva, a dance by J’ Nae Sandy, a rendition of songs by the children and Youth choirs, a duet by Monsignor Mike and his brother Joel, a composition by a relative and a rendition of the hymn “On this day, Oh beautiful Mother” by Girlyn Miguel, in which the congregation joined.

Mothers who were not present in the church due to illness and other reasons were acknowledged:
Urcil Jackson, Veronica James, Molene Frank, Sonia Bowman, Leila Deane, Kim Bowman, Evena May, Cornelia Quashie, Ann Tesheira, Sister Augustine Quarless, Eileen Bailey, Theresa Smith, Gloria Mc Nicholls Williams, Delia Adams, Christine De Roche, Dr Melissa Miguel Bowman and all our Mothers who went to be with the Lord.

The activities were co-ordinated by Jozel Miguel and her team, Coleen Dabriel, Julie Sandy and Sabrina Richards. All photos were taken by Cheryl Rodriguez.

John 13:35 “By this all will know you are My disciples, if you have LOVE for one another.”

Prayer: Lord, we pray that we will be known for our love for You and for other people. Teach us how to “ pursue love”, not only to receive it, but to look to You for the opportunities You have opened to us to show it to others. Enable us to love one another with a pure heart. We want to be your disciples. Amen.