Message from the Bishop – Eruption of La Soufrière

The second eruption seen from the Cathedral’s tower.

11th April 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During this Easter Octave we continue to celebrate the joy of the Risen Lord. “Peace be with you”, he says to the apostles in the Upper Room, and through them to all of humanity. His presence among us is a joyous revelation of triumph over tragedy.

Our eyes are fixed on the skies during these trying times, yes, but also on the presence of Jesus who has risen from the ashes of death. We ask through prayer that He comforts all persons affected by the dark clouds of volcanic activity: the people of our Nation, the Government, members of Protective Services and Civil authorities and all working hard to bring triumph from tragedy.

We pray that Jesus once again come through locked doors of despair and open hearts with peace. We know through faith that brighter clouds will prevail in response to faith, hope and trust. Our God, who is the author of all creation – seeing all as very good – will give us new life through prayer and compassion toward one another. So may it be in the name of our risen Lord, Jesus. Amen, Alleluia!

+ Gerard County,
Bishop of Kingstown.