Letter from the Bishop – Recommencement of Sunday Masses

21st May 2020

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Tuesday 19th May 2020 the Presbyteral Council met and decided to recommence Sunday Masses as from Sunday 7th June 2020 – Trinity Sunday. This must be done following the strict guidelines from the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.

On the 6th May 2020 Mr. Carlos Wilson, Senior Environmental health Officer of the Ministry of Health sent out an advisory “Physical Distancing Advice for faith based Organizations” via face book. In it Mr. Wilson outlined the various ways that Church seating can be arranged to accommodate more people than the twenty-five previous recommended while adhering to social/physical distancing. The increase in numbers depends on the size of the Church.

Therefore in keeping with the guidelines from the Ministry of Health the following steps are to be taken:-

Ensure no overcrowding and maintain at least three to six feet between people while sitting or standing. (According to the Ministry of health six feet is preferable).

All members must sanitize their hands before entering the Church. Sanitizers must be placed at all the entrances of the Church.

The Church must be sanitized before Mass using regular Lysol bleach or wipes. If bleach is being used please adhere to the directions on the bottle to ensure that the right proportion is used.

All washrooms must be kept in working condition, sanitized and equip with soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels.
The pastoral care of the most vulnerable – elderly, sick and housebound remains a priority. However, because of their vulnerability we have suspended visits so as not to endanger their health and lives.

The Diocese of Kingstown will continue with the preventative measures at our Liturgical celebrations as outlined in my letter of 5th March 2020.

The elderly and sick members and those persons with underlying conditions are exempted from attending Mass during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I thank you for your support and cooperation during this uncertain and anxious time. Let us continue to pray for an end to this Pandemic.

May the Risen Christ heal and protect us.

Yours in Christ

+Gerard County,
Bishop of Kingstown