Corpus Christi Parish leads in Celebrations of the First World Day of the Elderly and Grandparents

“Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honour, especially those who labour in preaching and teaching.” – 1 Timothy 5:17

On Sunday 25th July 2021, the universal Church celebrated its first World Day of the Elderly and Grandparents. In commemoration of this the Parish Pastoral Council of the Corpus Christi Parish hosted a weekend of activities to appreciate the elderly throughout their parish communities. On Friday 23rd July, they hosted a BINGO Night on the compound of what was formerly Davy Agro Industries. Members of the Parish Youth Group and Choir went above and beyond to ensure that the elderly who were in attendance were comfortable, had fun and were properly cared for. Among the attendees were our dearly beloved Fr. George Bardowell, who was chaperoned by our most Rev. Bishop Gerard County.
There were lots to eat and drink and numerous hefty and thoughtful prizes to be won. Even though young and old alike could have participated in the BINGO, only the elderly was eligible to receive or win prizes.  It was refreshing to witness the interaction between the generations present and the love and attention shown to the elderly. It was certainly an image in the likeness of the words of our Pontiff, “Grandparents and grandchildren, the elderly and youth together showed one of the beautiful sides of the Church, and showed the alliance between the generations.’’ It was indeed a memorable night out and all left feeling satisfied after having such a wonderful time.

Further to this, in their honour, a Mass was held on Sunday 25th July at Our Lady of Lourdes, Argyle. This too was well attended by our elderly parishioners. A special appreciation was given to Mrs. Dolly “Mom” Thomas, a stalwart of the Argyle Catholic community, and the oldest member of our parish. The parish priest, Fr. Peter Okonkwo took time to appreciate them for their contributions to the parish and assured them of our continued love, prayers, and support.