16th Anniversary of the Re-Dedication of the church in Mesopotamia

On Sunday April 24th 2022 the St John’s Roman Catholic Mission, Mesopotamia celebrated the 16th anniversary of the re-dedication of their church.

In 2004 a decision was made, out of necessity, to replace the roof of the church to renovate and extend the building. This dream became a reality through the faith, hard work and vision of a Building Committee, headed by the then Parish Priest, Father Pio Atonio, parishioners and generous donors in the community and beyond.

On Sunday April 23rd 2006, His Lordship Bishop Robert Rivas O.P, then the first Bishop of the Diocese of Kingstown presided over the re-dedication and consecration of the new building.

On Sunday April 24th 2022, Holy Mass was held at 10.00 a.m. with Chief Celebrant Monsignor Michael Stewart, Parish Priest, assisted by Father Peter Emmanuel and Deacon Errol Belgraves, Following Holy Mass refreshments were served to all parishioners, who remained for fellowship.

History tells us that the church in Mesopotamia was dedicated to St John the Evangelist by Father Charles Verbeke in 1923 on the Sunday following Corpus Christi, with approximately two thousand persons in attendance.

History also tells us that this was not the beginning of a Roman Catholic church in the area.

 In 1871 a small wooden chapel was erected at Argyle. In 1901 Father Hubert Putz erected a small wooden church in Mesopotamia and dedicated it to Saint Hubert. Therefore, the first church in Mesopotamia started in 1901.

Plans are being made to set up an anniversary Committee for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of St John the Evangelist church 1923 to 2023. Parishioners and persons with recollection of the early days are invited to submit their stories and a complete and comprehensive History of the church will be prepared, and other appropriate activities will be held in 2023 God’s willing.