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What is a Vocation?

In Chapter five of Lumen Gentium, every member of the Church is called to holiness. Holiness is seen within the context of love and can be love itself on display to our brothers and sisters. We show that we love God through those we see and interact with daily. Our vocation is the particular way we live out that call to holiness.

Vocation comes from the word “vocare” meaning to call. The call comes from God who created each human person in his image and likeness. The particular call can be in the form of single life, marriage, priesthood or consecrated life. The decision of vocation is left up to each individual, but we must recognise that the decision is a response to the invitation made to us by God.

God has an interest in you personally and he calls you personally. In Scripture, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, we see God calling men and women to his will not only for themselves but for the people. We have such examples in Abraham, Moses, Elisha, Mary, Peter and Paul. Pope Francis explains that when God calls, he is saying you are important to him, he loves you and he counts on you. It is in this call we find our joy, an abundance of joy, that great joy that God wants for you personally.