The Seminary

A place provided for men to discern the invitation of God within a community setting to serve and grow in holiness. When one decides to accept God’s invitation to priesthood, it is no means final. There is continued discernment even as that man begins formation geared towards the priesthood. This is especially important during the first few years of seminary life. The seminary is a place for deeper growth spiritually and to ask God if this is what he is being invited to.

There are four areas of formation one undergoes when they enter the seminary:

1. Human formation. This helps seminarians to grow into mature, well-balanced men who are capable of relating to all different kinds of people and displaying good personal qualities such as sensitivity, patience, responsibility and organisational skills.

2. Spiritual formation. This guides the seminarian in cultivating a deep personal relationship with God through a committed life of prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide his decisions. Therefore, a seminarian is given a spiritual director who makes this journey with him.

3. Academic formation. This area involves studying philosophy, theology and other humanities, which prepares the seminarian to preach, communicate Church teaching, pass on the truth of our faith and evangelise.

4. Pastoral formation. Seminarians learn how to be shepherds after Jesus’ own heart. This means having compassion for all people, regardless of class, race or religion. Seminarians are given experience in this area by weekly engaging in pastoral work and ministry such as parishes, hospitals, schools and working the deaf.

Seminarians experience life in community, working, studying, praying together and sharing meals and leisure time as brothers in Christ. In their free time they might play sports – tennis, football and volleyball or even cricket, work out or visit friends and family. The friendships they share with each other are a great source of joy, support and encouragement as they journey towards the priesthood. These are friendships that last a lifetime.