The Priesthood

Priesthood is a call to love others. St John Mary Vianney, patron of priest said: a man is not a priest for himself – he is a priest for others. In the same way Jesus invited and appointed men to follow him, God invites men in our day so that others may have live. The priesthood is a way of being. It is a life of sacrifice and service. It is not something that is deserved but an unmerited gift from God. God invites men with different backgrounds, personalities, temperaments, gifts and talents to be priests. The common ideal shared is the one priesthood of Christ.

A priest is a spiritual father, mediator, provider, teacher, spiritual warrior, means of God’s mercy, bridegroom and brother. The priest is given a sacred power to serve God’s people, to lead them to union with God. He does this principally by teaching the people, shepherding them through leadership, offering pastoral care and spiritual guidance and sanctifying them through the Sacraments (CCC 1592). A priest can experience in just one day what some experience in their whole lifetime.

The Ministry of the Priest includes:
Preaching the word of God
Offering the Sacrament of Confession for the forgiveness of sins.
Offering Mass daily.
Providing pastoral guidance and spiritual direction.
Marriage preparation for couples and celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage
Visiting and Anointing the Sick
Leading the community in serving the poor
Commending their souls of the departed to God at the funeral Mass and accompanying the bereaved